Something about working with Blackwater Ironworks that makes us different from other Fabrication Shop TX has to offer is that we have in house capabilities such as 3D CAD. this gives us the ability to provide a quick and accurate design of the part you are needing manufactured. The 3D platform that we use is OnShape. it’s Unique because it’s one of the first CAD systems that was cloud-based. They wanted to provide a user-friendly interface by being able to share the files with the customers. So all you have to do is set up a free user account, so that as the customer we can send you the engineering file in real time. It gives us the ability to keep you in the loop from start to finish on your project.

The CAD acronym stands for computer aided design. It covers a wide variety of things used by a lot of Industry professionals. not just our fabrication company but also by Architects, game designers and manufacturers alike. it helps us perform thousands of difficult complex geometrical calculations in the background so that we don’t have to think about it! Who really likes math anyways? Being able to use this can help simplify your design and Manufacturing process. That’s why it’s important to go to a Fabrication Shop TX that has the in-house capabilities to use 3D CAD software.

we want you to choose a Fabrication Shop TX that fits your needs. We are confident that we can do that! We are the best at what we do because of our ability to put the customers first. customers come first. Having the 3D cat modeling gives us the ability to take a 2d drawing that either we or you design on a flat sheet of paper and create it into a three-dimensional design. This gives us the ability to give you an accurate prototype so that we can see whether or not it will work as a finished product. It also gives us limitless possibilities for design.

If you’re interested in working with one of the best fabrication shops Texas has to offer then come to Blackwater iron works. where we offer in-house 3D CAD software And a satisfaction guarantee. We Stand Out Above the Rest because of our streamlined processes and shorter weight period on projects. They make sure that you are involved from start to finish and that we leave nothing out because communication is key. the project will be completely in your hands from start to finish right down to the shipping. so you never have to worry about us trying to keep you out of the loop.

If you would like to get started on your project today, you can go online to or you can give us a call at 979-205-5345. We also have a contact us section on our website where you can click on it and fill out the form that will come directly to us. We do our best to get back to our online entries within a day’s time. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your next project.

Fabrication Shop TX | Managing project process

As one of the best Fabrication Shop TX has to offer we like to bring our client into everything we do. That’s why on our website in the About Us section you can see how we manage internal and external projects. This is a detailed process so that we can make sure that everything we do is quality. We do a free consultation with a customer and then create a range of work that we need to get done. The range of work will include project schedules, budget, engineering design work, and anything else the customer needs. Once both the customer and Blackwater are on the same page we set up a folder in our online business management software so that we can keep all documents from the design process safe.

Blackwater Iron Works we really like to stay organized that’s why we are one of the best Fabrication Shop TX to offer. We keep all of our customers’ designs and documents in our online business management software to ensure the safety and organization. Once we get everything organized we use heavy attention to detail where we fine tune your designs with you included. It makes it easier for us to get it ready for production so that we can get your project streamlined. If ever the customer wants to see the model or what progress is being made on engineering they can always do that through our 3D CAD system. where they can see any changes in real time.

At our Fabrication Shop TX we work hard to make sure we get your design placed on the production schedule. We do quality checks throughout the whole process to make sure that your project is of the highest quality. We don’t skimp on materials and we make sure to invest in your project instead of cutting Corners just to save cost. Everybody loves a profit but we love making sure we give a quality product so the better the materials the better the quality of your project. if this is something that interests you then you have found the right fabrication shop for you. where we put the customer first and keep them included in the entire process.

At Blackwater Iron Works you can always be guaranteed that you’ll be taken care of. At times customers will choose products that are higher quality but unnecessary for the project. We keep an eye out and utilize our supply chain to make sure that we cause as few transactional processes on our customers as possible. if it’s something we can get without making you go to several different places then we take on that project for you. That’s why we are one of the best fabrication shops around.

We don’t just serve the Bryan Texas area but several local areas surrounding it. We also have the ability to ship your project to you. so give us a call today at 979-205-5345. or you can go online to Blackwater and fill out our contact us form. we can’t wait to bring your project to life.