About Us

Blackwater Ironworks LLC is a heavy fabrication and design engineering company. Our company is located in Bryan, TX and was established in 2017. We serve clients in Houston, Waco, College Station, Midland, and surrounding areas. Blackwater Ironworks started with one goal in mind, and that was to exceed our customers’ expectations. Each year, we have multiple customers who return to us asking for help and this in return proves that we are exceeding our customers expectations. At Blackwater, we strive to work closely with our customers to develop long standing partnerships, and to add value where we can for our customers. One of the ways we exceed our customers’ expectations is by creating quality forms and generating engineering CAD files to ensure better throughput and overall quality is provided. Engineering is at the forefront of most of the projects, and at Blackwater we understand how important it is to understand our customers’ needs. We listen to your customers and take detailed notes in order for us to accomplish our tasks the first time, rather than getting it right the second or third time. These notes or hand sketches, are stored in our customers file for future use. During some projects, engineers will take the hand sketches and make 3D models out of them for a quick proof of concept. The hand sketches provide a quick way to document a project in the field, but some of the sketches may need to be proofed out quickly by inputting it into the CAD system to check clearances. So if you are looking for the best fabrication shop TX has to offer then you need to give us a call!

Blackwater Ironworks is different from other fabrication shops because of the in-house capabilities we have such as 3D CAD. Our design engineering system allows us to provide a quick and accurate drawing of the part you are wanting manufactured. The 3D CAD platform we are operating is called OnShape. OnShape is unique in that it was one of the first CAD systems to be cloud based. OnShape wanted to provide a user-friendly atmosphere by sharing files with customers. With OnShape, Blackwater engineering is able to share 3D models with customers very quickly and all it takes is the customer setting up a free user account. Once this account is setup, the customer can view the engineering CAD file in real time with Blackwater. This unique feature gives you peace of mind by providing real time interaction as the design process progresses.

Other fabrication shops who do not have these abilities are forced to bring in a third party engineer, making for a longer and more complicated experience. Or there is no drawing provided at all, and your at the mercy of the fabrication company. Lots of issues can go wrong without having some form of a drawing in place. The drawing is how we communicate with our customers to ensure we are on the same page with them. This won’t happen at the best fabrication shop TX has to offer. With Blackwater, we have eliminated the hassle for our customers and cut out the need for a third party engineering firm. Having these capabilities is what sets Blackwater Ironworks apart from the rest.

Blackwater Ironworks also specializes in custom fabrication. Our experienced team is capable of fabricating various types of structural and pipe fabrications. Our structural work could consist of platforms, trailer chassis’s, mounting brackets, and/or customer specified structural designs. This is just one of the few things that makes us the best fabrication shop TX has to offer. Most of these designs are generated from a 3D CAD file and our production team has a fabrication drawing package that is on the shop floor with them. The fabrication drawing is the main source of information on the floor, and this ensures our quality is being met. If there are any issues with the drawing, our employees can mark up the drawing package so that engineering, supply chain, or management in general can address the issues they are having.

How we manage internal and external projects is a detailed process to ensure quality all the way around. After we conduct a free consultation with our potential customer, we create a scope of work. This scope of work will encompass project schedules, budgets, engineering design work, etc. Once the customer and Blackwater are on the samepage, we will set up a customer folder in our business management software where all drawings and documents will be housed to ensure organization. Only at the best fabrication shop TX has to offer, will you get attention to detail like this. We will then finetune the design drawing alongside the customer so it is ready for production when the customer is. After a list of materials needed to execute the project is built, a sales admin creates the final estimate within our business management system. The final estimate is then sent via email. If the customer wants to review the model or progress of engineering, they can do so through the 3D CAD system. The customer is able to see any changes in real time. Once everything on the design side is reviewed and approved, materials are ordered and the project is then assigned a job number. The job is now placed on the production schedule. Quality checks are performed throughout the production process. And all forms used during this process will be scanned and saved under the customer folder.

Our ideal customers are companies or individuals who have a product idea or custom fabrication project and they need help executing it. We look forward to prospective clients experiencing the best fabrication shop TX has to offer. With our diverse supply chain and fabrication experience, we are able to handle a wide variety of projects. We do not claim to know everything about design engineering or fabrication, but we are not afraid to offer help when our customers cannot figure out a solution. At times, customers choose products or types of materials to use in their final assemblies that may be costly or have a long lead time. At Blackwater, we are able to leverage our supply chain contacts to determine the best materials to use for your project. And this could mean doing an engineering evaluation with a professional engineer to determine if a certain grade of material should be used or determine if the materials used are over-engineered. Over-engineering the product could cause the manufacturing costs to be substantially higher than what they need to be. At any rate, we can help you get the solution you are looking for so that your product is cost effective and you still maintain quality. You will only get these benefits at the best fabrication shop TX has to offer.